Remanufactured Allison Transmission in Reno Nevada

The Premier Authorized Remanufacturer of Allison Transmissions in Reno Nevada

Every TransAxle remanufactured Allison transmission in Reno Nevada is guaranteed to meet or exceed Allison specifications. The comprehensive transmission remanufacturing and testing process for Allison includes:

  • Complete disassembly and cleaning in Reno Nevada
  • High-wear item replacement in Reno Nevada
  • New parts meet or exceed Allison specifications in Reno Nevada

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Reno Nevada Remanufactured Transmissions

Rebuilt Allison Transmissions vs Remanufactured Allison transmissions

A remanufactured Allison transmission has been renewed by a dedicated transmission repair facility, like Transaxle, that has been authorized by Allison to bring the transmission to its original standard of quality. By choosing a remanufactured transmission authorized by Allison, you are guaranteed to get quality on par with a new Allison transmission. Rebuilt transmissions are transmissions that have been repaired by any repair mechanic by replacing old or worn parts with new or used ones without the rigorous quality inspection of an authorized remanufacturer. While, a Rebuilt Transmission can often save you money in the short run, it is rarely the wise choice for Allison Transmissions.

Additional Cities in Nevada for Allison Remanufactured Transmissions: