Extended Warranty Protection Program

Click HERE for a copy of the form to be filled out and faxed to: 856-663-9072

TransAxle Extended Protection Registration Form

Use this form to activate the Extended Warranty on:

A Heavy Duty Remanufactured Transmission (Total 3 Year Warranty), Differential (Total 2 Year Warranty) AND/OR Steering Gear (Total 3 Year Warranty)


  1. Purchase additional Heavy Duty Remanufactured Transmission, Differential AND/OR Steering Gear extended warranty coverage
  2. Fill out and submit the below form
  3. Synthetic lubricant must be used for all transmissions and differentials or warranty is null and void


Extended Warranty Protection Program
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Enter applicable vehicle and component information:
* if more than 1 purchased you will need to fill out a form for each purchase
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