Why you can Rely On Us

Long before the remanufacturing business was viewed as the “ultimate GREEN business”, TransAxle has been honing it’s expertise in the field. After 30+ years, we are the largest East Coast remanufacturer of drive train and related components for on highway and off highway markets.  Today’s world is constantly boasting new technology.  TransAxle prides itself on being a technology-driven supplier housing robust tools to streamline sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Our scale makes TransAxle uniquely qualified to offer comprehensive solutions to your business, specifically:

From light duty transmissions to tug boat transmissions, we offer all OE manufacturers products that have been painstakingly remanufactured using the latest in technology and efficient shop floor design to ensure a fast response with unparalleled quality.

Our capacity allows us to provide a range of solutions from off the shelf delivery within the hour to custom remanufacturing of your own unique applications. TransAxle’s 30+ years in the business have provided us a deep experience base that we can draw on to provide custom solutions for your business.

Purchasing options:
We offer several levels of products to ensure we have the “right value” for you. Typically, we offer products in new or completely remanufactured levels. Additionally, we will custom rebuild your failed component should the vehicle be in its’ later stages of life. Many of our locations offer complete installation services as well to ensure a smooth transaction.

Customer orientation:
While “customer service” is often a cliché in business anymore, that is not the case at TransAxle. TransAxle has built a culture that centers on the customer. It’s hard to describe customer service, however – here is what it means to us:

  • Never letting a phone ring 3 times
  • Never expect a customer to follow up with us – it’s our job to proactively follow up with you
  • Managers delivering product in their personal car after hours / on weekends
  • Opening a facility to run your emergency unit
  • Mobile phones throughout company means never being out of touch
  • Heavy investment in customer facing expertise at the counter, in the field and in the shop

Why we are different:
What does TransAxle add to our product mix that is not available at most companies?

  • From our industry’s best counter people that are committed to helping you solve your problems and make your daily life easier.
  • To our RPM’s (Regional Parts Managers) that receive bi-weekly product training to keep you up to date in our ever changing world.
  • To our product managers that bring ongoing industry and advanced product training multiple times per year to you, our customers.
  • To our delivery professionals that make sure you have the product when you need it.
  • To our experienced shop technicians that are factory certified and trained.
  • To our warehouse people that manage over 100,000 part numbers.
  • To our behind the scenes people in purchasing and accounting that keep everything moving.